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Net2Air bridge - Ethernet, PoE Print

Wireless link from a Net2 PC to Net2 nano control units
Plugs into the existing LAN/WAN
Multiple Ethernet bridges can be placed around a site
Gives more flexibility on placing Net2 nano control units
Power over Ethernet
About - The Net2 nano range of access control units uses Paxton Access' Net2Air wireless technology to communicate with the Net2 software.

The Net2Air Ethernet bridge provides the wireless communication link between the PC running Net2 software and Net2 nano control units. Unlike the Net2Air USB bridge, the Ethernet bridge uses the site's LAN/WAN. This means that multiple Ethernet bridges can be placed around a site and linked back to the PC via LAN/WAN. Net2 nano control units can therefore be installed at a greater distance away from the PC running Net2 software.

We recommend the use of the Net2Air site surveyor kit for checking signal strength around a site prior to installation.

Installation - The unit plugs into the LAN/WAN by means of a standard RJ45 network port. The Net2Air Ethernet bridge driver software is loaded from the Net2 software. Run the Net2 server configuration program to register the bridge with the server program. The Net2 software will include the bridge in its list of ports to be monitored. We recommend a maximum of 10 Net2 nano control units per bridge.

Operation - Once plugged in the Net2Air bridge provides the communication between the Net2 nano control units and the PC.

Sales code Description Retail price*
477-901Net2Air bridge - Ethernet, PoE, Plastic housing£180.00
477-384Net2Air bridge - Ethernet, PoE£200.00

* Retail prices are subject to VAT and do not include the cost of installation. UK installation companies only