PaxLock Accessories

  • Range of accessories to complement Net2 PaxLock
  • Cover plates and blank inner handle covers can be fitted in minutes
  • Cover plates enable existing sites to retrofit Net2 PaxLock
  • Cover plates save the cost of replacing a door
  • Mortice locks feature reversible stainless steel latch bolt
About - These accessories are a range of products to be used with Net2 PaxLock units.

The Net2 PaxLock blank inner handle cover is a secure side fascia without a key cut-out. It can be used on sites where a half-lock cylinder is required, offering key override from the outside of the door only.

The Net2 PaxLock cover plates enable you to install Net2 PaxLock onto a door that has previously had a handle or other door furniture fitted to it, where drill holes or markings are wider than the Net2 PaxLock unit. The cover plates discreetly hide any remaining holes or markings, allowing you to save time and money on refurbishment.

Euro profile mortice sash locks and mortice latch for use with Net2 PaxLock access control system.

901-010 - PaxLock - Mortice sash lock; for use with 72mm Net2 PaxLock models
901-030 - PaxLock Mortice escape sash lock; for use with 72mm Net2 PaxLock models
901-020 - PaxLock - Mortice latch; for use with 901-110 and 901-210 - No key override

Installation - Net2 PaxLock blank inner handle cover: Easily replaces the existing battery unit cover. Simply remove the Net2 PaxLock handle and existing battery unit cover and fit the blank cover in place.

Net2 PaxLock cover plates: Simply rest the cover plates over the existing standoffs and tighten the Net2 PaxLock unit over the top. The cover plate sits neatly underneath Net2 PaxLock and clamps to the door when tightened.

Sales code Description Retail price*
901-035PaxLock Split spindle - 8mm£12.50
901-050PaxLock blank inner handle cover - Pack of 5£25.00
901-060Net2 PaxLock cover plate - Set of 2£25.00
901-010PaxLock - Mortice sash lock, 72mm centre£25.00
901-020PaxLock - Mortice latch£25.00
901-030PaxLock Mortice escape sash lock - 72mm centre£60.00

* Retail prices are subject to VAT and do not include the cost of installation. UK installation companies only

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