PaxLock Pro Accessories

  • Range of accessories to complement PaxLock Pro
  • Cover plates enable existing sites to retrofit PaxLock Pro
  • Cover plates save the cost of replacing a door
  • There are two spindle kits available, 9mm and 7mm, to fit a large variety of lock cases
About - These accessories are a range of products to be used with PaxLock Pro units.

The PaxLock Pro cover plates enable you to install PaxLock Pro onto a door that has previously had a handle or other door furniture fitted to it, where drill holes or markings are wider than the PaxLock Pro unit. The cover plates discreetly hide any remaining holes or markings, allowing you to save time and money on refurbishment.

Installation - Fit the chosen mortice lock to the door and place the template provided over the spindle.

Please note: A key cylinder is not provided with PaxLock Pro or sold by Paxton, this item will need to be purchased separately from another supplier

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