Net2 - a typical system

Net2 system diagram

This example illustrates 5 doors in an office secured by Net2

Number 1. Network
The access control system is administered from the PC using the Net2 software. Users can be added, reports created and much more.
Number 2. Network
The PC and controllers plug directly into the LAN.
Number 3. Door components
Control unit - 1 required for every door. Able to permit or deny access to users without communication to the PC.
Reader - 1 or 2 readers can be fitted to each door. A wide range of readers are compatible with Net2 including proximity, magstripe, keypads and biometric.
Exit button - Any ‘push to make’ button can be used.
Electric lock - The Net2 control unit has voltage free relay contacts. This means that Net2 is capable of operating any type of electric lock.

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