When you purchase an eligible Paxton product, you will find the Loyalty ID printed on the barcode sticker on the product box. Eligible Paxton products include:

  • Net2 plus controller
  • Net2 I/O board
  • Net2 Entry - Control Unit
  • Net2 Entry - Monitor
  • Net2 PaxLock
  • Switch2 controller
  • Compact reader/keypad
What do I do now?
  1. Record the 'Loyalty ID' number from the label on the box - make a note of the number, or take a picture on your mobile
  2. Upload the 'Loyalty ID' number to the 'Register Installer Points' section on the Paxton Extranet at your convenience
  3. Your points will be automatically updated, making it easier to view your account
For more information or help uploading your points contact our Support team on 01273 811011 or email

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