Product Compliance Policies

Product Compliance Policies

Product Conformity Declaration

A Declaration of Conformity(DoC) is used to show compliance with the following European Directives:

  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive
  • Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive
  • Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
To obtain a DoC for any given product, please contact Paxton Technical Support.

Click here to find the relevant contact details for Paxton Technical Support

Paxton Product Compliance

Paxton has worked to ensure its compliance with legislation covering data protection including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by 25th May 2018.

Our access control products also include the features necessary for our customers to achieve compliance.

  • Our systems are protected with password protection and operator rights, limiting the access to the data within the system. For the benefit of increased security, the systems can be set to automatically log out an operator if the system is inactive for an extended period.

  • You can set the system to report on information held for an individual, as well as permanently delete a user and all associated information if requested.

  • User activity in the system, in the form of events, can be deleted manually at any given point or a set timescale (i.e. 30 days) automatically. In the case of Paxton10, video records can also be deleted in the same way. Event information can be retained in the case of Net2, but can be anonymised. Net2 does not hold video data but any links to associated video can also be removed as part of the deletion of user information and events.

  • Data security is achieved within the systems by the use of best practice methods and database structure.

  • There are two new application notes relating to the security update within Net2 v5.04:

We have made sure that our products will provide the tools required to allow compliance if used correctly, however, Paxton is not responsible for a user’s compliance with GDPR and do not offer advice on how to be compliant.

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