The Paxton Specifier

Here is a collection of our previous Specifier Newsletters.

Paxton Specifier - February 2019 Edition
  • Discover our range sales materials to help you sell the PaxLock Pro with ease
  • Learn how to specify our door entry system, Net2 Entry, into your current projects
  • Learn why Paxton can create the ideal solution for any site
  • Check out the benefits of our partnership with the Security Institute

Paxton Specifier - January 2019 Edition
  • Discover our 2019 sales tips
  • Download our latest literature
  • Milestone Net2 integration updates & benefits
  • Net2 Entry Premium monitor wins a Good Design Award

Paxton Specifier - December 2018 Edition
  • What are the benefits of wireless access control?
  • So much happened in 2018! Read our 2018 Paxton roundup to see if you missed anything
  • Paxton and the NAHS conference
  • Win a Paxton Christmas gift bag
  • Seasonal Technical Support availability from Paxton

Paxton Specifier - November 2018 Edition
  • Find out more about the latest addition to our wireless access control range, PaxLock Pro
  • Discover the benefits of the PaxLock Pro in our new product video
  • Read our new case study; PaxLock Pro, Net2 and Net2 Entry secures 12 fire stations
  • Check out the new and improved Net2Air Bridge, available now
  • See how our Commercial Manager can assist you with your projects

Paxton Specifier - October 2018 Edition
  • Register for the Security Institute Conference and meet your Local Account Manager
  • Discover how to specify Net2 for leisure facilities
  • Read how access control and biometrics secure a 24 hour gym
  • See the visitor management integrations for Net2

Paxton Specifier - September 2018 Edition
  • Find out what other customers think of our new app
  • Discover the benefits of our latest video management integration
  • Learn why you should integrate your Net2 system with other leading security solutions
  • Read our case study to see how access control, door entry and video management secure a data centre

Paxton Specifier - August 2018 Edition
  • Discover the benefits of our new app, Paxton Connect Admin
  • See what's new in the latest update to our Net2 Entry video, now including the premium monitor
  • Net2 & Net2 Entry secures a top European electronics company in our latest case study
  • Specify an award winning solution as the premium monitor scoops a number of awards

Paxton Specifier - June 2018 Edition
  • Read how access control and door entry secure council owned buildings in France
  • Discover why access control is a great solution for public sector buildings
  • Learn how to specify for the public sector with our public sector schematic
  • Discover how our team can help with your public sector projects

Paxton Specifier - May 2018 Edition
  • Find out why you should visit Paxton at IFSEC 2018
  • Learn about the benefits of integrating Net2 access control with a visitor management system
  • Read our case study to discover how Net2 and visitor management software secure Powerscourt Estate
  • Discover the benefits our team of experts can offer you

Paxton Specifier - April 2018 Edition
  • Read all about the new Net2 Entry Premium monitor
  • Watch the new premium monitor in our new product video
  • Find out why Net2 Entry is the ideal solution for residential sites
  • Discover how the premium monitor and touch panel secure London apartments in our case study

Paxton Specifier - March 2018 Edition
  • Discover the benefits of integrating access control with CCTV
  • Case study: access control and CCTV secures multi-tenant offices
  • Meet the first recipients of the Paxton Scholarship
  • Find out how our Commercial team can help with your current projects

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