Commissioning service

The commissioning service is designed to ensure that Net2 systems are correctly configured and operate to Paxton Access’ high standards.

A typical day’s commissioning

Dataline checks

-Confirm data cable is to specification
-Take resistance readings
-Check for screen shorts
-Confirm screen continuity


ACU tests

-Power up ACUs
-Confirm diagnostic LEDs
-Map ACU network
-Verify all wiring


Software installation

-Verify PC specification
-Install the latest version of Net2
-Check all ACUs are communicating
-Configure ACUs


Commissioning checks

-Amend card data format, if required
-Set up user tokens for commissioning checks
-Test all readers
-Ensure locking hardware functioning correctly


Operator training and site configuration

-Confirm exit buttons and contacts working as they should
-Ensure alarm events are reported
-Check all events are reporting back to the PC
-Setting up Net2 operators

Why we offer commissioning

All equipment produced by Paxton is renowned for its ease of installation, and is by far the most straightforward in its class.

Whether you are installing your first simple Net2 system, or are an experienced installer who is fitting a large complex system, you could benefit from the peace of mind that the commissioning service provides.

Preparation required prior to a commissioning visit

To get the most benefit from a commissioning visit, all physical installation work should be completed prior to the day. A representative of the installation company must be present while the system is being commissioned.

You should ensure that the customer has a PC with suitable specification to install the Net2 software onto.

Details of the specific timezones and access levels that the end user requires created should be available. Gathering this information can be time consuming and is best completed before the visit.

Ordering information

Click here to order commissioning. Once the order has been received we will then contact you to arrange a convenient date for commissioning.

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