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Excellent dialogue, between me your technician, did not have to explain in depth, both on same wave length from the outset, always found your technicians polite, even when I am under pressure onsite. A good company, support is second to none, equipment is top of its class, A lot of work has gone into developing there poducts since 1985, Ive been installing Paxton since 1998 and would recommend it to any one. Any problems I have called technical about, have very rearly been down to equipment or software, usually problem with RS485 wiring, original installer had not fitted EOL (End of Line) resistors or not connected the blue and brown pair into ground terminal any other problems normally down to user error or a PC problem, nothing to do with Net2 software. To finish, please use with confidence, I know what I'm talking about, been in this field since 1993.


I was not happy with the explanation 'that is what the software is designed to do,' as we found a loop hole in your software that compromised our Security and the tech support was not really interested in passing on my comments. Normally tech support are very helpful and I'm always shouting their praises but not this time


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