The MIFARE® Reader Range, Available Now!

At Paxton, we have developed a Proximity P50 MIFARE® reader and an Energy saving reader that now accepts MIFARE tokens.

MIFARE is now the most widely used technology on contactless smartcards and proximity cards in the world.

Our readers are great for any site that is already using MIFARE cards for cashless vending, as library tokens, for secure PC log-in and electronic registration in schools and colleges.

Sites can install an access control system and carry on using their existing cards for door entry. Customers benefit from the convenience of using just one card for everything, including access.

The Proximity P50 MIFARE reader and the Energy saving reader also accept Net2 and EM4100 tokens. Click here for more information.

As MIFARE is the standard token format for large sites like schools, colleges and universities, installers can now offer someting extra to the education sector.

Click here to see how the Energy saving reader helps save money on energy bills!

MIFARE is a registered trademark of NXP B.V. and is used under license.

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